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  • E3 2019 Microsoft revelations collection before the exhibition.
    Time: May. 20, 2019


    The annual E3 expo is coming in June, millions of players around the world are looking forward to it, after all, E3 expo every year on the game manufacturers will announce many exciting news.


    Check out this year's Microsoft E3 revelations collection



    Halo: Infinity will unveil a new promo at the show and confirms the game will be available in 2020.


    Machine of War 5 will have a full demo of the game, including multiplayer and release at September 2019.


    Ori and the Will of the Wisps will announce brand-new promo piece, will go on sale inside this year.


    Bleeding Edge is a new set from sci-fi background developed by Ninja's Theory, and it's currently being tested for just how it's played: against each other or multiplayer.


    Outside World will release a new promo for the E3, along with a release date for the game.


    Cyberpunk 2077 will release an update on its development schedule and trailer, as well as the release date that many gamers have been waiting for.


    Age of empires IV will release a new game demo that will be available in 2020.


    The new Fable,according to the current news, it will be a reboot, is expected to be released in 2021.


    Sea of Thieves will also reveal something completely new.



    In addition to the game announcements above, there will also be announcements on Microsoft's next console at E3, including Lockhart/Anaconda for Xbox and Project xCloud for testing.


    What's your opinion of these revelations?