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  • HP buys Bromium to apply virtualization security to its PCs
    Time: Sep. 25, 2019


    HP acquired security company Bromium, announcing the purchase. Much as Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft, and other major vendors hoard key pieces of computer technology, HP may be trying to corner the market on a unique piece of browser technology it already uses.



    Bromium also supplies what it calls Secure File technology, which does the same for each individual download- office documents, PDFs, and the works.


    If the file isn't marked as trusted, it will be opened in what Bromium calls a micro virtual machine


    Virtualization seems to be a key Microsoft technology within the company's own Windows Server products, and virtualization- dependent features could translate into the consumer space via Windows 10 Pro. A central component of that is Windows Sandbox, which dramatically expands what Bromium is doing.


    Instead of wrapping each file in a virtualized environment, Sandbox virtualizes the entire Windows OS, building a Windows PC within a PC. Microsoft doesn't have a direct analog to Bromium's technology.