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  • Talk about software that has lost its luster - Part 3
    Time: Aug. 30, 2019


    Last time we looked back at the helpless of Firefox browser, Today, let's see the retired Flash plugin.


    Speaking of Flash, I believe we all remember its dazzling figure in the Internet. Whether it was watching video or playing games. However, Adobe has announced that Flash will be finished developing and updating by 2020, which is the end of the Internet's former star. More and more web elements are moving from Flash to HTML5.


    By today's view,  Flash's shortcomings are numerous. It is bloated and inefficient, around the hole, often cause additional fever. At the beginning of the Flash birth,its appearance is very different. Flash was born in 1996, is still in the prototype of the Internet has brought more rich interaction more dynamic variety of color vision. Whether or not to use Flash, and even became a web page is the advanced standard and see how many web development books are Flash tutorials, can be a snapshot of the Flash that status.


    Flash was widely used on desktop platforms and mobile devices until the iPhone shut it out.


    How did the seemingly omnipotent Flash get to this point? Flash the rise of the sublimation of it on the Internet. The Web 1.0s, there's only so much HTML can do, the Web is just simple drab typesetting, needed a Flash elements such as page added animation when enter the Internet Web 2.0. However, the growth of the rapid development of the mobile platform feedback the HTML, HTML 5 standard finally established. Flash has no functional advantage over HTML. With the addition of more and more functions, Flash becomes bloated and inefficient. Few mobile devices have the power to withstand Flash, and its demise is a foregone conclusion.


    Flash Pro has changed its name to Animate CC, which is an HTML5 developer.


    Flash, in short, belongs to the typical product. Its meaning is to make up for the inadequacy of the Internet was born at the beginning of the HTML function. As HTML evolves, there is less and less room for add-on components to play.  Whether ActiveX SliverLight or Flash, all gradually walk down from the stage of history. Of course, Flash their lower-quality catalysis in this process, in the rise of mobile Internet web standardization and security requirements increasingly intense environment, class Flash this plug-in living space will be squeezed, retired.


    To be continued.